"Photography, is about finding out what can happen in the frame. When you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts." Garry Winogrand



Photography and people are my twin passions - portraits are my speciality - to capture an expression, an emotion, a moment in time.

To be ready for that split second image before it has gone forever... unless captured on camera.

Using traditional 35mm film and SLR cameras my work is unconventional and mainly reportage.

I love beauty shoots… Dip into a world of velvet gloves, ostrich feather fans, sensational hats, yards of stunning lace or organza and some amazing jewellery, it will bring out a fun side!

By yourself or together with one or two friends, dress up, enjoy and have fun… for a treat or an unusual gift.



Sheila Preston studied at:
the Black & White School of Photography, Kensington and St Martin’s College of Art, London.

Her photography has been featured in exhibitions at Fendi, Chanel, La Dolce Vita, Slaughter House (London) and the
Riverbourne Gallery.