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Fascinated by nature, I try to interpret the beauty onto pure silk. The dye and the silk work together in amazing ways... Each item is hand-painted by myself and therefore unique; I use special silk dyes on 100% pure silk, heat-treated to be colour-fast.
The items below are examples of my work and styles... Please get in touch for more information or if you require something special, perhaps for a particular occasion or a gift for a friend.
I paint on different weights of silk... the lightest is chiffon, followed by Habotai 5, Habotai 8, Habotai 10 and Habotai 12. Sizes are approximate.

All prices include p&p to the UK. Washing instructions included.
Cushion covers sent without padded cushion (can be included for £4 extra).

BlueButterflies   Blue Daisies   Stained Glass   PurpleWave
Blue Butterflies:45x180cm (14"x72")
£45 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
  Blue Daisies: 45x180cm (14"x72") £40 (plus £3 p&p to UK)   Stained Glass: 45x180cm (14"x72")
£40 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
  Purple Wave: 45x180cm (14"x72")
£35 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
OutintheRain   Shadows in Pink   Blue on Blue   Orange&Geranium
Out in the Rain:45x180cm (14"x72")
£40 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
  Shadows in Pink: Square 90cm (36")
£23 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
  Blue on Blue: 40x140cm (15"x58")
£40 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
  Orange&Geranium: 40x140cm (15"x58"): £12 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
Peach & Turquoise   Marguerites   Scabious   Spring Green
Peach&Turquoise: 40x140cm (15"x58"): £18 (plus £3 p&p to UK)   Marguerites: 45x180cm (14"x72")
£45 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
  Scabious: 45x180cm (14"x72")
£30 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
  Spring Green: 40x140cm (15"x58")
£18 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
Red White & Blue     Hummingbird tie  
Red, White & Blue: 40x140cm (15"x60"): £18 (plus £3 p&p to UK)   Poppies: 60x144cm (24"x60")
£43 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
  Hummingbird silk tie: £32.50
(plus £3 p&p to UK)
  Silk scrunchies: dyed to match your outfit! £7.50 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
Blue Lagoon     Dragon shirt  
Blue Lagoon: 40x140cm (15"x60")
£18 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
  Citrus cushion - 2 sides: 35cm (14")
£22.00 (plus £3 p&p to UK)
  'Dragon' silk shirt also has small dragon on front. NFS   World Map circa 1570: Part shown here: 61x152cm (NFS - commission)
Cave painting   Lava Flow   Green Tree Frog   Fire of Dawn
From a cave painting: 24x24cm (10"x10") Framed: £50 plus shipping   Lava Flow: 24x24cm (10"x10") Framed: £40 plus shipping   Green TreeFrog:24x24cm (10"x10") Framed: £60 plus shipping   The Fire of Dawn:33x43cm (13"x17") Framed: £40 plus shipping
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