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Fascinated by nature, I try to interpret the beauty onto pure silk. The dye and the silk work together in amazing ways... Each item is hand-painted by myself and therefore unique; I use special silk dyes on 100% pure silk, heat-treated to be colour-fast.
The items below are examples of my work and styles... Please get in touch for more information or if you require something special, perhaps for a particular occasion or a gift for a friend.
I paint on different weights of silk... the lightest is chiffon, followed by Ponge 5, Habotai 8, 10 or 12. Sizes are approximate. Prices include post and packing to anywhere in the UK.

Washing instructions included.


Autumn Leaves

  Blue Waves  

Galaxies: 35x180cm SOLD   Autumn Leaves: 45x180cm SOLD   Blue Waves: 35x180cm SOLD   Poppiess: 40x150cm SOLD
Peace   Cinnamon   Spirals (Infinity scarf)   Honeycomb (Infinity)
Peace: 45x180cm SOLD   Cinnamon: 45x180cm £25   Spirals (Infinity): 25x150cm SOLD   Honeycomb (Infinity): 25x150cm £25
Night Sky   GreenLines   Orange&Navy   Red&Black
Night Sky (Chiffon): 45x180cm £30   Green Lines (Chiffon): 40x150cm £17   Orange&Navy: 28x114cm £12   Red&Black: 28x114cm SOLD
Bubbles   Rist&Gold   Dark Jade   Blowing in the Wind
Bubbles in copper: 45x180cm £35   Rust & Gold: 35x180cm £25   Dark Jade: 28x114cm SOLD
  Blowing in the Wind: Shoulder Wrap: 92x140cm £40
Specs holder   Hankies   Scrunchies   Hummingbird tie
Specs case with silk kerchief: £8.00
Assorted colours
  30cm Squares (12"): £3 each   Hair scrunchies: £5 each   Hummingbird: silk tie £20
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